Welcome to Xara Online Designer

Welcome to Xara Online Designer

Adding graphics and templates

We supply a whole bunch of content for you to use in your sites and docs, including… Shapes Buttons Charts Arrows Symbols Text panels We also have templates for presentations, letter designs, flyers, newsletters, resumes and social media profiles. You can access the templates from the File Picker - tap on Documents > Open and you’ll see the Templates folders. Find a template and tap to open. The Shapes, buttons, Charts, Arrows etc are on the Insert Menu  when you tap the +(Add) icon - then just tap on one of the icons to see the collections. A File Picker will slide in from the right. The Image icon lets you import photos and images from cloud drives, your local drive or from the Stock photo picker - described in more detail in the Photos section. Text lets you import a wide variety of ready- made text items, like Text Panels, Bullet and Numbered lists, and  templates for social media posts etc… The Text Panels appear with handles which allow you to resize, crop and rotate, as well as edit and position the text. Hover over the handles to see a tool tip describing the function of the handle. Look at the Status Line too for additional information.   


There are a massive range of symbols and icons for you to use in your documents. Click on the Symbol icon to see the collection. Then either use the search box at the top or scroll through to make a selection.   You can place your symbol as a standalone scalable graphic - just click on the symbol with no active selection in your document and it will appear in the center of the doc for you to resize and position.                                  Or with the text cursor active you can insert a symbol into your text  like this. Just place the cursor at the point in your text where you want the symbol to appear and click on the symbol. Now the symbol will behave like it’s part of the text. Here’s a tutorial with more detail on using symbols…


These are a ready-made collection of web style navigation buttons.          When you import a button into a document it will match the document’s main color (Theme Color 1) scheme. You can edit the button’s text. You can add a link to a web or email address and you can also link to other parts of your document, like another page or object within the document.

Photo Grids

These are aesthetically pleasing arrays of photos in a fixed arrangement which you can replace with your own photos. Described in more detail in the Photos section.


These are a wide variety of simple shapes. When you have imported a shape into a document - a tap on the shape will display editing handles which you can drag to adjust the shape. If you hover over the handles then a tool tip will appear to tell you the function of the handle. Look at the Status Line too for additional information. The shapes have handles which allow you to resize, crop and rotate, as well as having other functions appropriate to the shape. You can for example round the corners of rectangles or select the number of points of a star. Have a look at this tutorial for more info on shapes…


With the Arrow shapes you can adjust the width, curvature, size and position of the arrow. Some of the arrows can also be changed to use a variety of different head and tail designs. Just drag on the handles or hover over to see a tool tip description.         The Chevron Bar shape - useful for presentations, allows you to   add, remove and re-order the chevron shapes, change the arrow angles, and edit the text.  Arrows are imported to match any Theme Color 1 you have defined (so they will match the color of your document). Unlike the Shapes which are imported gray always - but you can easily change the color of either by selecting the item and clicking the color patch on the Properties panel. Check out this tutorial for a closer look at arrows… Charts The Charts include bar and column charts. percentage ring and pie charts. Again - when you import a chart it will appear with edit handles allowing you to customize its appearance. Hover over a handle to see a tool tip description. Here’s a bar chart in more detail… Take a look at this chart tutorial for info on pie charts…

Xara files

This is the last option - and simply points you to either one of your cloud drives or to a local drive where you can open an existing .xar project file. The file will be imported into your current document.