Welcome to Xara Online Designer

Welcome to Xara Online Designer

Saving and sharing

Sharing documents

Tap the Share button,    and you’ll be presented with two options: Share… or Share editing… The first option Share… will get you a URL to share your document with your friends, colleagues, or the world, in just a few seconds. This is just a read only document with no editing permissions at all. Tap Share… and you’ll receive a confirmation like this… The Copy option places the URL link on the system clipboard. Or you can just click the link to open it in a new browser tab. This is basically like publishing a website - except you don’t need to worry about web space, FTP configuration or hosting, and it’s a lot quicker! If you make further changes to the document, these are not automatically shared until you do another Share… operation. This allows you to continue working on draft  changes, and only update the read-only shared version when you want to. If a document is already shared, you’ll get a simple ‘update’ option seen here to Re-publish the latest updates. The second option Share Editing… prompts you to enter the email of the recipient you want to share with, add a message too, if you want. They don’t have to be a registered Xara customer. You can enter multiple email addresses, comma separated, and each will receive a email inviting them to share editing of your document. When the recipient receives an invite to share, they follow a link in the email, and click any of the sign-in options Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. They will be authenticated through one of those systems (to verify their email address is the one you sent to), and then they are taken directly to the document and can start editing. When the recipient joins the editing session, the status line shows a colored label with the initial of the users editing this document. So, in this case, there are three people editing the document.                                                  You can tap the colored label to see the email address of each user. You see changes they make, as they make them. It’s important to understand they are not editing a copy of the document - they are editing the exact same document you are. If they click Save, it will save back to your cloud drive (because it’s your document you let them edit). Watch this movie tutorial for an overview of saving and sharing

Publishing documents

If your document is intended for web publication, then you will see a further option when you tap the share button - the option to Re-publish. You’ll only see this option if the document has the ftp details saved within the document, this is something which can only be done with the Xara desktop products not with the Online Designer. If this is the case then you will be prompted to enter a password, if the password wasn’t saved with the document. And then the publishing will proceed. The scenario here could be that the designer of a web document has set all the necessary permissions for FTP publishing and then shares the document with a colleague or a client to make editorial changes - text, photos etc. Then the client or colleague can go ahead and publish the document independently using the Online Designer.

Saving documents

The document you are editing is on Xara servers in the cloud. When you click Save  (Documents menu, top left) or type Ctrl+S, it saves the  document back to your cloud drive, which is then automatically synced back to your cloud drive folder on your Windows computer (providing you have your cloud drive e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc running on your desktop computer). If you have the file open in the desktop Xara Designer program, it will even be opened in the desktop version as soon as the update is synced. Similarly, if you have the same file open in the desktop version of Web Designer, Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro on your Windows  computer, a Save operation to your cloud drive will sync to the cloud, and from there to the Xara server and into the Xara Online Designer editor. So you can edit your document in the cloud or on the desktop, click Save in either and the other will be updated a few seconds later! To save a copy (like Save As) first select Make a copy from this Documents menu. You will see this is called Homeless on the status line now, which means it hasn’t been saved to any cloud drive. So it’s like ‘unsaved’. The Documents menu showing the Save and Make a copy options. A note on edit clashes  It’s important to realize that this means the same document can be edited in two places at the same time - on your desktop and in Xara Online Designer, and that saving from one will overwrite the file open in the other. In this case both the desktop Designer and Xara Online Designer will detect and alert you that the file has  been modified and give you the option of discarding your changes, or keeping them in a new document.


An additional benefit is that Dropbox and Google Drive maintain older versions of your files which provides an easy way of viewing and  reverting back to earlier versions, so it’s a safe, easy and storage-saving way of maintaining multiple versions of your website files.