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The Online Designer Editor

The controls are very simple with just a few buttons along the top bar.
Document page thumbnails Pasteboard Properties panel - Text Editor shown in this case Add new page
Open, save, copy and download your documents 
Undo and redo
Current file and selection status
Add items to the page
Publish and share
Settings & Sign-out
The user interface is the same for touch-based devices such as tablets and for desktop. The text editing side panel shown on the right, appears automatically on wide screens, but not for narrower screens such as tablets. In the latter case it’s necessary to click the properties control button  on the top bar to show, or hide it again.
The center region of the top bar shows various status messages, and if there’s nothing selected on the page, the filename of the current file. Tip: Press Esc to clear any selection, or tap on the background. Tip: Hold the mouse pointer over the filename on the top bar to see the associated cloud drive and pathname of the file (Dropbox only).

Navigating around your document

All pages in your document are shown one above the other, even for websites. You can push pages around (scroll) by simply dragging anywhere on the page - even on non-selected objects. This is true of touch and mouse systems.  Scroll bars appear as soon as you move the page or move the mouse near the page edge - you can drag these as normal to rapidly move through the document. Alternatively, when over selected text (where a drag would normally select some text) you can press the mouse center button (the wheel) and drag. The system offers fast, fluid ‘momentum scrolling’ on all devices. This is common on touch-based devices such as phones and tablets. You can ‘throw’ a page in one direction to rapidly scroll up or down. Just tap to stop scrolling. On the left edge we show page thumbnails, Simply click a page to scroll to that page. For longer documents you can scroll the page thumbnail area by using mouse wheel, or dragging on the thumbnails.  Add pages to multi-page documents by clicking on the + icon (bottom left). For templates that have multiple page designs  this will open the corresponding folder of page designs for this template. You can hide and show the thumbnail panel by sliding left / right on it, or just tapping the projecting ‘drag handle’.


There’s zoom tool / magnifier icon in the lower left corner of the editor. When you tap the magnifier icon, or just hover the mouse over it, a zoom slider pop-up is shown that lets you interactively adjust the zoom level from 30% to 1000%. Pressing the + icon will also smoothly increase the zoom level while pressed (and will go beyond 1000%). Toggle between the previous and current zoom levels by tapping the  button at the far left of the slider. And zoom to 100% by tapping the vertical blip on the slider. For advanced users a much more direct way to zoom is to use the mouse scroll wheel in conjunction with the Shift or Ctrl key, which allows fast zoom all the way to 25,000%. This also has the advantage that it zooms into the mouse pointer location. You can also… Drag the magnifier icon up the left edge of the screen to zoom in Drag right along the bottom edge to zoom out. This zooms around the center of the screen, but you can set a zoom focus point by clicking on the magnifier and clicking on the point you want to zoom into. After this dragging the slider will zoom around that point on the page. Click or tap the magnifier icon and drag across the area you want to zoom into And using the keyboard… Ctrl+0 (zero) key will zoom to 100% view Ctrl with (+) plus and (-) key to zoom in /out one step On a touch based device you can use pinch-zoom gesture. There is also a zoom control in the File Picker - this controls the size of the file thumbnails. The left end toggle controls can be a quick way to toggle between maximum sized icons and your preferred thumbnail size.