Welcome to Xara Online Designer


Xara Online Designer is an online web application which provides an innovative way of editing the content of your Xara documents (.xar or .web files). If you're using Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive for storage of your documents then just using a web browser, you can open any .xar or .web or PDF file, view and edit the text, replace photos, and re-publish your document. This means you can view and edit your Xara files that are on your Windows computer, using your iPad, Android tablet or a Mac, from anywhere in the world!
The Online Designer editor. Thumbnails of the document are on the left. The controls on the top bar access the main features. The right side shows some of the features available for you to add to your document.

Getting Started

Assuming you have cloud storage already set up; so that’s an account with either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive - then all you have to do to access Xara Online Designer is to sign  in at cloud.ixara.com. This will open the the Getting Started doc which is both a beginner’s guide and also a ‘live’ document you can experiment with. This is the ‘homepage’ document which will appear on startup - every time you begin a new session. It covers all the basics. Text editing Replacing photos Selecting items Adding graphics Color handling Zooming and scrolling Saving, sharing and downloading   To open your own files from a cloud drive, and also the range of pre-designed templates - you will need to open the File picker - click on Documents (top left corner) and then Open or Open in new tab if you want to keep the existing tab open. You will see the File Picker The file picker showing an available cloud drive and a range of document templates. Recent files appear in the lower pane. Click on the the cloud drive - Google Drive in this example to access your files.

Using the File picker

The controls, top right, allow you to sort by Date or Name, and view by thumbnail or list. In List view you can also sort by file size. The file picker only shows .xar .web and PDF document files. When you’re picking images (you can replace images in your document) it shows image thumbnails. You can zoom the thumbnails to be smaller or larger by using Ctrl + mouse wheel. Or tap the magnifier icon bottom left. On a touch-driven device just pinch zoom. Whenever you choose to open or save a file, the picker always starts from this ‘home screen’ showing the different cloud drives you can pick from, and recent files. But when you go into any cloud drive, it will remember where you were last. When navigating the file picker, the top left shows you the path you are currently looking at. You can navigate up the hierarchy by clicking any of the folder names and back to the home screen by clicking the cloud icon: The X, left end, will close the file picker and return you to the editor. The cloud icon is the picker home screen, where you can select a cloud drive, and see recent files.                                      On desktop mouse systems if you hold the pointer over a file it shows you the full filename and size. When you access a folder of Xara documents for the first time, the file thumbnails have to be generated, which can take a few seconds. After this they are cached and subsequent access to this folder will be faster. When you pick a .xar or .web or PDF file from your cloud drive it opens with the Online Designer editor. And if at any time you want to reopen the Introduction file again, it’s in the picker inside the Introduction folder. This is just a short introductory section to get you up and running. Browse the sections on left to find more detailed information on all aspects of the Xara Online Designer. And also have a look at these two tutorials for a handy overview.