Welcome to Xara Online Designer

Welcome to Xara Online Designer


Editing text is easy - just click or tap on your text to place a text cursor, and a slide-in panel of text controls will appear. Click and drag to select text in the usual way. You can hide and show the side-panel by clicking the ‘Properties’ icon on the top bar   Swipe right to hide the panel or just click or tap on an empty part of screen. Pressing Esc on the keyboard works as well. For narrow screens, such as tablets, the side panel does not automatically appear - tap the properties icon to make it appear, or disappear. The text controls are limited to selecting Text Styles which are already defined in the document and the usual range of text editing controls. The yellow  Hi  applies a yellow highlight color (text background).   If you want a wider range of text style options, then these need to specified in the Designer desktop software - these will then appear in the Style menu, at the top of the text editor controls. It is not possible to create your own text styles in the Online Designer. The text editor controls the following functions… Select a Text Style Bold Italic Underscore Strike-through Link Highlight Superscript Subscript Text Color Text Background Color Alignment Lists and Indents

Selecting and positioning text items

When you place your text cursor in a text item, the outer edge of the text item is shown with a dashed line and a soft blue outline.                                    The bounds of the text item are shown with a dashed line and blue highlight. This is a text column because it has only side handles to adjust the column width. If it was  a text box (frame) it would also show resize handles top and bottom. The status line will also tell you what type of text object is selected. You can also perform operations on the whole text object, by tapping on the blue edge. In this case the outer edge becomes a larger blue highlight to indicate the whole thing is now  selected.                                   Click on the text edge to select the whole text object. A context menu is shown. Once you have selected the whole text item, you can perform operations on the whole  thing, for example: To position a text item: Drag on the blue edge of the text frame. To change the column width: Drag either of the blue handles at the side To Copy, Duplicate or Delete the whole text item: Click the edge of the text, it becomes a darker blue, and a context menu will appear with the Copy, Duplicate, Delete options. To change the style of all the text: You can select all the text in the frame or column in  the usual way (Ctrl+A), or you can select the whole text object by clicking the edge. Now any Text Properties applied from the properties panel will be applied to the whole object.

Character and Paragraph Text Styles

Where a Text Style is included within the document - the Text Style menu includes Character Styles (marked with an a symbol)  along with Paragraph Styles (marked with an  symbol)                                                                                      Text Style menu with Paragraph/Character Styles Just place the text cursor anywhere in the text and select a Paragraph Style from the style menu, the whole paragraph will take on that style. Paragraph Styles apply to whole paragraphs, and are also typically used for headings. It's not possible to apply a Paragraph Style to a smaller section than a paragraph, so you cannot, for example, apply a Paragraph Style to a single word within a paragraph. If you try, then the whole surrounding paragraph will take on this style. Character Styles, on the other hand, can be applied to any selection of text, from a single character upwards.