A history of recent updates for Xara Online Designer.

October 3



This round up updates is mostly squishing bugs. More than 100 bug fixes, usability and performance improvements. You never know, one day soon we might even remove the Beta label. But we’ve sneaked in a few improvements: New Diagrams - static ready-made diagram templates. Populate with your own photos, colors, symbols and text. Find them in the + insert menu in the Diagrams  folder. First time users introductory movie tutorial. More first time user prompts - access a feature for the first time and a once-only info prompt appears. Some of the prompts also link to video explainers with more info. Comments - a tap on commented text now highlights both the text and its comment. Changes to the way documents are handled mean that “homeless” docs (ones which haven’t been saved yet) retain the same URL after saving. Tablet/touch device improvements.