A history of recent updates for Xara Online Designer.

December 18



For our last update of 2017 we’ve improved and updated our Photo filters, made improvements to the way you select items within shapes, and added some great new content. Improved Photo filter presets We have a new set of presets in the Photo Effects which also now include contoned presets for some great sepia, and colored tone effects. Easily snap back to compare your original - it’s the first one in the list. When you tweak a photo using the Adjustments panel your version appears next to the original back in the presets panel as a Custom preset. Tap on the little pencil icon to hop straight to the Adjustments panel. With a contone you can change the brightness and contrast within the Adjustments panel. Change the light and dark colors of the contone either with a tap on the pencil icon - to take you to the Photo Colors panel.  Or select the new Colored photo option in the Adjustments panel. If you un-check the box the contone is removed.

Replace logo

We have marked up all our templates so it’s easy to identify and replace a logo. Tap on a logo and choose Replace logo from the menu.              Now you can choose either a symbol or an image as your replacement logo - it works in exactly the same way as the Replace symbol operation.

Shape selection improvements

Complex shapes are now easier to select. So a shape which contains a number of other items - like a text panel say - can now be easily identified by a pale blue border which highlights when selected.                                         The text panel on the left has a text cursor placed in a text column all ready to edit. All the other controls (resize, rotate, margin, etc) are also live. The panel on the right with the bolder border has just the text panel selected - the container if you like.  

Content and other improvements

A bumper new content release which includes… o 7 Presentations (Company, Consulting, Marketing, Pitch, Logistics, Cardealer and Fitnesstrainer) o 4 Product Sheets (Logistics, Cardealer, Software service and Fitnesstrainer) o 6 Social media posts (Logistics, Cardealer, Imagination, Software service, Startup and Fitnesstrainer) o 5 Resumes (Photo, Color, Sales manager, 2 Column and Developer) o 3 E-books (Data visualisation, Textflow and Guide) o 1 Business letter (IT company) o 1 Booklet (Fitnesstrainer) o 1 Flyer (Startup)  Various other reliability improvements.